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Building our own continent

Some may say we are insane, others that we have a vision, while most see the theory, but doubt if such  project will ever be possible. We thought however that we were probably not talking of this happening within our lifetime, however over the last 10 years since we first published the idea, a great many advances have been made, and we are far nearer now than we would then have even dreamt possible. Of course over the time a lot more discussions have taken place and many more theories have come up. As you discover more within this site you will discover how it can be done and peoples visions of what it would be like.

The objective was to create our own land, as a floating spiral of large islands surrounded by a protective wall, the basic idea remains unchanged although we are now looking at the island having a tail like a tadpole. 

The idea originated very early on when we first started looking at how a country could be optimally organized and ruled. Of course it was totally theoretical, then when the choices project was renamed Atlantis we had thought of a new land in the Atlantic, and with the change to New Atlantis we formalized the idea within our constitution.

 If this can one day be done, then it will be;-

The largest engineering project to be undertaken.
To be one of only two man made structures visible from outer space, the other being the great wall of China.
The largest stimulant to world economies and the creation of employment.
The creation of stimulus to new stock market companies.
Great opportunities for all types of business.
A new frontier for people.
The greatest development and stimulus to scientific thought since the space race.
A chance to re-evaluate the way we organize society.
It has already made us reappraise and find solutions to problems presented.

Here we cannot publish everything that has been discussed, but a collection of ideas that may stimulate you to take an interest in this development, and stimulate you to stretch your mind. Some older material and earlier thoughts can be found in our archive site.

The documents you can get to from this page cover the theory, rather than practical side, you could call it the documented vision. We also within this section look at where it will be located and why.

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